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About Us

At ACS Property Services we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of cleaning and maintenance services.

We provide a clean and comfortable environment for your customers and employees while enhancing the image and appearance of your premises.

Since our establishment, we have been perfecting our processes and systems. These make it possible to offer reliable and consistent cleaning and maintenance services to our customers at reasonable prices.

Our growing client base from diverse sectors such as service, industrial, retail, health and government is a testament to our philosophy of quality service.

The combination of our management expertise and proven systems and procedures are the core of our success. 

Our management team has over 40 years’ combined experience in cleaning and maintenance. This extensive experience gives us a greater understanding of what it takes to provide first-rate services

Our quality assurance program creates strong communication links between our cleaning operators, supervisors and customers. Systems, procedures and staff supervision ensure that each job is completed in accordance with detailed specifications.

Our rigorous staff recruitment process means that we screen out a large number of potential cleaning operators. Only people with the right skills and personal attributes are selected to work in the company. Comprehensive training for new and existing staff provides skills and knowledge to safely and effectively deliver quality results. In addition, we retain committed staff by acknowledging their contributions, providing incentives for quality work and creating a positive work environment.