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Quality Management System

Quality Control and Supervision

Before providing our services, we consult with you to develop a tailored work program which takes your premises and unique requirements into account. Detailed job specifications and an Operations Manual are provided to each employee in order to fulfill the program requirements. In addition, regular inspections are conducted to ensure our highest standards are being met.

Communications play an integral role in our ability to provide superior cleaning and maintenance services. We minimise any disruption or inconvenience by responding immediately to any requests. Communications Books are a key element in this process. Our cleaners check the books at the beginning of each shift to ensure prompt responses to your requests and sign off tasks after they have been satisfactorily completed. Service managers monitor this process to ensure that client requests are quickly addressed. If more immediate attention is required, a service manager can be contacted immediately.

In addition, we regularly inspect each building and complete an inspection report to make sure that all areas are cleaned in accordance with the agreed specifications. Building inspection reports help us address any issues and ensure consistently high levels of service. 

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