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Risk Management

Staff Recruitment & Training

The right systems, procedures and equipment are meaningless without the right personnel. Our recruitment process has been developed to select people with the skills and personal attributes required to meet our quality objectives while providing courteous service. 

References are thoroughly checked to ensure that applicants are suitable and share our vision of customer service. When required, medical fitness checks are performed to determine fitness standards.

Staff turnover is a common issue for cleaning service providers. Experienced and satisfied employees are essential for providing quality service. Our retention program reduces staff turnover.

We acknowledge and reward our personnel for their efforts while providing a positive work environment. Staff benefits also include a discount card and incentive program. We also have a newsletter to keep our team members informed while fostering company loyalty. 

Training and Development

ACS Property Services appreciates the role training plays in the achievement of exceptional outcomes. Our training objectives are to:

  • Provide trainees with adequate skills and knowledge to perform cleaning duties in a variety of operational environments
  • Enhance the performance of personnel with experience in the cleaning industry
  • Familiarise and reinforce basic OH&S rules for cleaning environments.

Besides learning about the cleaning processes, chemicals, equipment usage and safety, our personnel receive training in customer service, management, security and communications.

All training is evaluated and recorded on an employee's electronic training record. Eligible staff are also enrolled in Certificate I, II, III and IV courses in Cleaning and Asset Maintenance.

Each of our Account Managers have a certificate in Asset Maintenance and extensive site experience for commercial and retail sites.

Our high contract renewal rate is a tangible result of the effectiveness of our training programs. Click Here to view Referrals From Some Of Our Satisfied Clients.